Duck Hunting, Speckled Belly Goose Hunting, and starting this year…

Our goal is to provide every hunter with quality hunts! We hunt several small groups per day. River Chase Farms has over 30 blinds dedicated to waterfowl hunting. You will hunt over flooded rice, bean and corn fields. We hunt from in-ground pits, skid blinds, and box blinds. We hunt flooded green timber holes, sloughs, ponds, and flooded tree lines. With hunting areas like these, filling a limit is an adventure and loads of fun! Over 4 miles of the Cache and West Cache Rivers flow through our farms. All hunting is on privately owned farm land, and that means, exclusive hunting privileges for our guests! We leave water on our fields after the season closes. This helps the ducks to imprint on our area and use River Chase Farms year after year. We know this practice makes a tremendous difference in the number of ducks and geese that return to River Chase Farms. Our hunters have consistently averaged 4 ducks per day per hunter over the past 15 years. Numbers like this speak for themselves!

Duck hunts are $450.00 per day per hunter. We offer speckled belly goose hunts in the afternoon for an additional $250.00 fee. Beginning this year during snow goose season we will hunt SNOW GEESE! These hunts are $250.00 per person per day.